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Heartbeat (ITV)

David joined the cast of Heartbeat for one episode of series three - in 1992. He played a young man called David Stockwell who was described as 'na´ve and country loving.' In this original episode, 'David' was so shy that he couldn't even go into the pub!

After a gap of nearly two years, a similar character turned up in a new script - but he had a different name. This episode had the same director as the first and, remembering 'David,' the decision was made to bring him back instead of casting a new actor. In this story young David Stockwell was caught stealing petrol for a local bully (the episode where Nick's wife Kate died). Several months later and the producers decided to write an episode especially for the character - it was in this that he came across one Claude Jeremiah Greengrass! - the rest, as they say, is history.

Over a period of sixteen years David appeared in 259 episodes of the much loved rural drama until it finished filming in 2009. He is still a regular visitor to Goathland, which became a second home to him, and is often invited to take part in book signings and personal appearances for the show.

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