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David Does is a record of my personal campaign to get a life! Like a latter day Mr Ben, I will emerge from the changing-room each day to find a new adventure – carpe diem and all that!”

The book takes a light hearted look back at the Lonsdale family’s adventures over the last year and includes brand new sections for Autumn and Christmas.

David Does .... The Book
David Does .... The Book
£ 8.00
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Beautifully illustrated by Carl Critchlow, ‘David Does… The Book’ is an ideal present for fans of the column and anyone determined to live life to the full.

If you would like to pay by cheque or bank transfer then simply send a message to David HERE

The price includes POSTAGE WITHIN THE UK.
You can also have your copy
signed and personalised with a message from the author.
Just write the message you would like to appear on the title page of your book
in the box provided on the final payment page (no more than 16 words please).

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